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An Unschool: A 9 Month Journey of Unlearning 

For women/femmes of color who are ready to reclaim power and wisdom

Ready to break cycles for evolution & liberation 

Ready to step into their spiritual sovereignty in alignment with Creation

Ready for the next phase of our soul's journey to embody a new ancient paradigm

$298 for 3 quarters or $895 payment in full

for 9 months of teachings, live group guidance, & meditations.

Begins March 2023 - November 2023

Opening session March 25

Live guidance calls 4th Saturdays of the Month 1-2:30 pm PST

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Your Soul Was Not Born to be Colonized

You Are Who Your Ancestors Prayed For

What if your power came from unlearning everything you’ve been taught by the mainstream?

What if you honor your ancestors not by enduring more pain but by allowing yourself to live well?

What if you remembered you come from lineages that were more than just trauma & pain?


What if your ancestors prayed for you?


For someone in your lineage to alchemize to reclaim? For someone to restore harmony & balance to our world? To birth new ways?

Beloved, I know you feel the call to do it differently.

I know that you understand what's at stake, that you care deeply for others, that you are called to break the cycle, and I also know that you are ready to release the heaviness.

2020 was a potent portal and now we are called to EMBODY the energy of liberation.

We are called to be in alignment and reclaim spiritual sovereignty.

Beloved, it is time for us to stop colluding with our own oppression.


It is time to stop the cycle of being there for everyone but ourselves.


It is time to get off the hamster wheel of healing because we never feel good enough.

It is time to disengage from colonial narratives that keep us in cycles of depletion and exploitation.


We need to dismantle the colonial paradigm, but we must learn the skill of DECOLONIAL ALCHEMY to stay whole & well in this prophetic time...

Because you too deserve to be free.

Because a depleted life force cannot birth a new paradigm.

Because we were prayed for to end the cycle, not repeat it.

Image by Nitish Meena

You were not born to be the strong one who endures the pain, but the sovereign one who reclaims


Sista Zai Zanda

"When we learn the truth about history and current affairs, it can hurt. That's real. And it calls us to be spiritual warriors who can alchemise the pain and use that energy to build a world where we all thrive. It is with Dra. Rocio that I learned it is possible to be both decolonial and spiritual, politically astute and spiritually grounded. A medicine woman in the Q'ero Inca lineage, she guides BIWFOC to spiritual sovereignty. It is the keepers of the ancient wisdom who know how to navigate these oppressive systems. Form them, we can learn to remember our own power so that we can learn to not unconsciously become like and imitate the oppressor. Dra. Rocio works with BIWFOC who are also ready to reclaim their power and intentionally build the New Earth."

Image by John Bell

It is time to transmute, remember, & vision new ways rooted in our alignment with our ancestors, prophetic dreams and visions, & the vibration of LIFE.

It is time to release the heaviness that it not ours to is time to deprogram from the unnatural & disempowering ways inflicted on us.

Because when we are burdened, holding tension, we do not allow LIFE to flow...

We are not able to spiritually vision...

Our energy is compromised...

A new paradigm requires that we are empowered, in our gifts, honoring our inner wisdom, in ease, in flow, and right relation with Creation, not feeling pathologized, inferior and bone tired.


In this liminal space between the collapse of the old and the birthing of the new, we must remember our inner sovereignty, and tap into our innate ability of alchemy so that we make it, so that we show up aligned with the ancient matriarchs, so that we embody our soul's purpose.

This is for you if you no longer consent to your life force being siphoned by the colonial are remembering...


You are beginning to see that you are more powerful than you’ve been programmed to believe & yet you still hold some fear that makes you want to hide.


You see that struggling with self-doubt, with self-care, and feeling disconnected from Spirit, from Mother Earth, from your body, from your voice, and from your gifts are NOT innate ways of existing. 


You see that living like this is the indoctrination of the colonial capitalist patriarchy.

You have the courage to confront colonization, and are seeking guidance to stop leaking your energy to the colonial paradigm


You seek to EMBODY the energy of liberation.

You seek to transmute for power, ease, and wisdom for the path ahead...


How I Do it Differently & What Makes Decolonial Alchemy Unique

Navigating the colonial patriarchal paradigm can sometimes feel heavy and may have us carrying constant feelings of discouragement, disempowerment, anger, and sadness. Sometimes we may unconsciously stay in the pain, or we may want to escape it entirely by flying to the spirit realms.


The truth is that we must meet these emotions with compassion and courage so that we can transform and transmute them, and so that we can remember there is no true power, no true medicine, no true wisdom in the denial of the pain or in remaining stagnant in the pain.

We need to remember that WE ARE ALCHEMISTS.


as a spiritual Journey

We can confront the colonial patriarchal paradigm without colluding with the wound. We can unlearn colonial programming AND ALSO reclaim our power to transmute dense energies so that we can bring forth our highest destinies.


We can become skilled in both navigating the harmful colonial, patriarchal messaging AND in alchemizing to show up as our highest selves, ready to bring forth the prophecies of a new paradigm being led by the divine feminine.


We can recover our wholeness, our wellness, and remember our soul's purpose when we learn to dismantle our inner colonizer, when we are encouraged to remember our sacred ways, & when we remember that we have the power of alchemy, harmony, and sovereignty. 


An invitation to evolution

On this journey, you learn to be a


& journey over the course of 9 months to:


  • Transmute Dense Energies for power and wisdom

  • Honor Ancestral Connection & Guidance

  • Learn to receive and trust the guidance of the spirits

  • Learn to spiritually vision and surrender to honor your soul path

  • Honor Intuition in integrity and right relationship

  • Unlearn Colonial Programming that harms you

  • Not over-identify with the pain that depletes your life force energy

  • Reclaim Spiritual Sovereignty & ancestral medicine

  • Learn to trust in the unseen

  • Honor Wellness as a Birthright

  • Learn to channel the Anger & Pain but not stay there

  • Honor your gifts for Self & Collective

  • Learn to trust divine order and the mystery of life

  • Deepen our spiritual relationship with Mother Earth

  • Live in Sacred Reciprocity to restore balance and harmony

  • Slow Down & live in Cyclical time

  • Honor Feminine Energy & Ways of Being

  • Embrace your Voice & Visibility to Shift the Paradigm

  • Call back your power and spirit 

  • Learn to co-create with the spiritual realms

  • Remember your ancestral spiritual technologies and gifts/ways of receiving messages

  • Take your rightful place in Creation

  • Over the course of 9 months, you will benefit from my two decades of experience in facilitating healing, and receive teachings, & spiritual guidance.

Image by Tanja Cotoaga
Image by Alice Donovan Rouse

The 9 month Journey:

We collectively commence in intention:

Opening Session

We commune & unlearn for 9 months and you receive:

A live group guidance session with Dra. Rocio every month

A recorded teaching every month

A recorded guided meditation every month

& spiritual guidance and wellness rituals to support your journey

Our container is process oriented, & teachings emerge.

You receive real time group guidance during our live call, & have recorded teachings to journey with.

I teach in Indigenous oral tradition, not in an academic way.

I hold space as a matriarch and medicine woman.

I always meet the moment, & am responsive to the energy present.

I work in collaboration with my guides and ancestors and invite students to experience the teachings & receive from their heart and soul to embody the medicine.

We flow with the medicine & honor emergence as this is how we are meant to live with the natural world.

We conclude in ceremony:

Closing Ceremony

Kei Kurimoto.jpeg

Kei Kurimoto


Shadow Work & Healing Justice

"Finding Dra. Rosales Meza and her work gave me confirmation in the validity of my feelings and my intuition. In this space of being “too decolonial for the spiritual world and too spiritual for the decolonial world“ I found home...and the guidance my soul was so deeply seeking. In these months I have received so much activation to claim who I am, to reclaim my intuition and to continue on this deep path to truly remembering my voice and purpose. Dra. Rocio embodies the sacred, embodies honoring the seen and unseen realms and upholds us, to honor sacred protocol in everything we do. I feel like I am in a safe container to unlearn all the colonization that I have held in my body. I am accessing belief systems that have been programmed in me so that I can alchemize them. And It feels so freeing to finally have the language to be able to navigate this new reality, new earth, that we are co-creating. I think the most deeply transformative gift I have experienced from Dra. Rocio is true compassion. Compassion with self. Compassion with learning and unlearning. Compassion in a way that you can be forever changed and continue to carry that light forward to activate others.”

Image by Eugene Deshko

Here's the Details...

A 9 month journey 

Because to decolonize & alchemize to remember & embody takes time.

March - November 2023

Live guidance calls 4th Saturdays of the month 

1-2:30pm PST

Recorded teachings for journeying easefully.


  • 9 BONUS Teachings $495 value

  • BONUS Live Guided Meditations: March - November 2023 $315 value

  • Bonus foundational course: Decolonize your Mind: Unveiling your Unconscious Collusion with Systems of Oppression $188 value 

Decolonial Alchemy Curriculum

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Monthly Calendar Schedule

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Bonus Teachings

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Meet Your Guide & Teacher

Saludos Beloved, I'm Dra. Rocio

For a long time, I overextended myself, was there for everybody but myself, feeling overresponsibilty and showing up in servitude. I come from peoples that carried powerful wisdom, medicine, and also experienced poverty, violence, and exploitation after colonization. For a long time, I felt like to honor my ancestors I had to sacrifice. I felt guilty for having it "better than them." And this kept me pushing through, being the strong one, enduring, and in cycles of exploitation and depletion. Simultaneously, I was hiding my spiritual gifts, forcing myself into a paradigm and pace of life that my body couldn’t keep up with. And, extracting from my mind, body, and life force finally resulted in a health collapse. I almost lost it all and I experienced a symbolic death, a dark night of the soul. I became ill because I was engaging in colonial narratives, feeling like I had to always show up to honor the sacrifices of those before me. In those dark days, I had to face myself and my patterns, and the root of my unwellness. Where did I learn to treat myself this way? Where did my mothers learn to treat themselves this way? How did we get here? Surrendering to this journey allowed me to go within to reflect on what got me there. Through an intense death and rebirth, I was able to identify the programming and the patterns that kept me colluding with my own oppression. I learned that I was forcing myself to tolerate a toxic work environment and had been indoctrinated into toxic colonial work & living habits, disconnected from myself, and the natural world. I realized the heaviness I was feeling, and the physical pain that I was enduring, were related to trying to force myself to be in a way that was not natural to me, trying to push away my gifts, working and living in a way that honored everyone else but me, depleting my vitality because it is not where I was meant to be and how I was meant to live. I realize now that the physical symptoms I was experiencing were signs that were inviting me to shift into my divine purpose, remember my ancestral ways, and embrace & honor all of who I am and this is the journey I invite you into.

I am a Xicana/Mexicana Seer, spiritual guide, initiated medicine woman, & Counseling Psychology Ph.D., on the Ñusta Paqo path in the Q’ero Inca lineage. I come from a matriarchal lineage and my medicine is very much rooted in the feminine, in matriarchal medicine, Indigenous wisdom, and in the Earth and cosmic ways. My work is potent because of the gifts and channel the divine has given me and because of the powerful ancestors, matriarchs, & guides that show up with me.

The purpose of my work is to support you on your journey and to provide guidance that cultivates holistic wellness, connects you to a deeper sense of spirituality, and brings you back to your ancestors, guides, and your own wisdom & medicine so that together we live in harmony and balance with all of Creation.

I have more than 20 years of professional experience as a healer & teacher, and am able to hold potent healing space for others as this is a skill in my blood lineage, with my abuelita and my mama as my greatest teachers. In my training as a counseling psychologist, I provided and practiced thousands of hours of therapy. While I decided against licensure, I value the skills I acquired through my practice and the mentorship provided by BIPOC psychologists, like Dr. Jeanett Castellanos, Dr. Thomas Parham, & the Godfather of Black Psychology, Dr. Joe White amongst others. The direct practice and mentorship I was honored to receive taught me a psychology & therapy that centered the people, an Indigenous worldview, and liberation.

My previous work was as a therapist and professor, but my path now weaves ancestral ways and new ways to meet the prophecy of these times. My work is deeply rooted in Earth and Cosmic wisdom. I walk and work in between the earthly and spiritual realms as a claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. I come from a long line of healers and was born with psychic, channeling, and mediumship gifts.​

I am able to see beyond this ordinary reality to bring forth the highest timelines and visions into our earthly reality. I am grateful to my teachers, Pampamesayoq Don Alejandro Apaza, Don Justino Apaza, & Mesa Carrier and Medicine Woman Marilu Shinn for helping me remember.

The vow I’ve taken as a medicine woman and the agreement my soul has made in this lifetime is to help restore harmony and balance to the world, personally & collectively. And that’s why I offer this work to you.


Image by Eugene Deshko

How Decolonial Alchemy benefits you & your relations

  • Make the unconscious programming conscious so that it no longer controls & drains you

  • Alchemize heavy energies and emotions to reclaim your power and wisdom

  • Remember right relationship with Earth, Cosmos, & Creation for greater alignment 

  • Unlearn the colonial gaze and remember your original template for wellness, deeper spirituality, & liberation

  • Unlearn colonial programming & toxic work habits so that you don't oppress yourself & can develop rituals for you to stay well 

  • Learn the energetics of caring for others to decrease depletion and resentment from overgiving 

  • Learn to honor your capacity to no longer collude with the hustle culture that drains you

  • Dissolve shame and inferiority so that you are no longer available for exploitation

  • Release urgency, perfectionism, and show up more embodied, and heart centered

  • Remember that there is no such thing as being behind and honor the pace of your journey

  • Learn to slow down for intentionality and embodied power

  • Learn to embrace ease, receive, and experience joy by unlearning colonial narratives

  • Remember cyclical living to honor your season of life and life force energy

  • Learn to trust and use your voice to reveal what is divine and true

  • Allow more compassion and grace to yourself as you journey

  • Connect with healed ancestors to break generational cycles of trauma and pain

  • Alchemize anger, fear, and dense emotions to show up as a clear vessel for your soul's purpose

  • Call back your spirit and energy during challenging times 

  • Remember to spiritually vision & connect to the spirits to support you, access higher intelligence, and align with the energy of life


Transmuting Pain into Power and Wisdom

For empathic, intuitive, visionary Women/Femmes of Color


Ready to be keepers of possibility, not pain




It is time to activate your ancestral dna


It is important and NECESSARY to acknowledge & unlearn the colonial patriarchal paradigm that you have internalized into the depths of your psyche. This unlearning is necessary because if you do not consciously confront it, it will unconsciously & constantly show up in your thoughts, your path, and oppress your spirit & sabotage your life.




Your unlearning is important so that you can discover that it is not your fault, so that you can recover your power and agency and be able to alchemize the density to call back your spirit and honor your soul's path and unique blueprint. 




Here in this place, in Decolonial Alchemy, you can deepen your connection to your higher self and tap into the highest visions so that we can show up in our highest frequency and together create a better world.

Cristina S.jpeg

Cristina S.


I am a traveler, a seeker, a seed gatherer on the path of ancestral recovery and cultural creation and remembrance. I have a PhD in Xicanx Studies and am creating a life outside of academia.

I am continually reminded that I am not alone on this decolonial journey and the conversations shared offer constant encouragement and loving guidance to help us do the inner work that can allow us to build a life of greater love and of collective and personal liberation. When I joined Dr. Rosales Meza’s decolonial healing community I was on this path alone. I had taken the jump to leave my colonial job and had decided to do deeper ancestral, familial and genealogical work in my ancestral lands. I was finding the medicine and experiences I’d sought and felt deeply joyful and blessed for that. At the same time, personal and ancestral wounds were coming up for me to feel and heal and I felt much uncertainty about what came next on my path after making such a big life change. Dr Rosales Meza’s teachings have offered important guidance and light during this time of deep shadow work that was called up as I opened myself up to ancestral healing and deep medicine work in Mexico. I receive the precise messages and guidance I need to not lose heart or faith when the journey feels overwhelming or difficult. It is heartening to know that others are experiencing similar fears or tending similar wounds from being raised in and having generations of ancestors who were injured by this white supremacist patriarchal colonial world and to understand how these patterns we seek to shift come from the colonial wounding we are here to heal. Together. The work is based on heart and spirit rather than on privileging our intellectualizing (colonized) mind. The journey asks that we surrender or align to the flow of spirit rather than to colonial timelines. That we release urgency and impatience. And it invites us to become more heart centered and present. If this resonates with your spirit and heart, I hope you will join us."

A Review of All You Receive in Decolonial Alchemy

Recorded Teachings

Every month, you will receive a teaching from me at the intersections of spirituality, wellness, and decolonizing to help guide you on your journey of unlearning. These will be released on the 5th of each month.


Live Guidance Call with Dra. Rocio

Each month, you will also have an opportunity to receive live group guidance from me in our monthly group call to receive support on your journey. During this live call, you will receive channeled messages and group guidance from me. I channel messages and answer the questions I am called to answer, trusting that what we receive is exactly what we are meant to receive at this point in our journey. An open heart, deep trust, and intentionality are needed to receive. These will be scheduled on the 4th Saturday of each month at 1pm PST.


Recorded Guided Meditation

To tend to your spirit as you move into this new way of being each month you will receive a guided meditation. In these guided meditations, you will also learn the skill of alchemizing and transmuting dense energies. You will also tap into the spirit realms to receive direct divine guidance. Monthly recorded guided meditation sessions are offered to replenish, recalibrate, and cultivate our peace, wellness, & the highest visions. These will be released on the new moon of each month starting in April.


 Spiritual Practices

You will also receive access to Sacred Practices to support you and help you navigate these times. These somatic, energetic, and psychospiritual practices are meant to support you on your journey. I also share practical tools rooted in Indigenous Earth medicine, shared with permission from my Teachers, to restore the times of harmony & balance.

Bonus Content 

$998 Value

I work in co-creation with my guides, ancestors, & Spirit and always honor as I am called. And so the medicine, visions, and channeled messages that appear will be honored. This means that we have a general guide of our journey, but honoring flow is important as this is how the potency of spiritual guidance works. 


  • 9 BONUS Teachings $495 value

  • BONUS Live Guided Meditations: March - November 2023 $315 value

  • Bonus foundational course: Decolonize your Mind: Unveiling your Unconscious Collusion with Systems of Oppression $188 value 

Image by Ivana Cajina

The Potency of Decolonial AlchemY

This is a journey of unlearning, an invitation to shift your perspective, and see things differently. In this space, you are not doing deep healing, though you may access healing. In this space, you are decolonizing your mind, training your vision, to tap into your innate ability to achemize and see the highest visions to reclaim your sovereignty.


This is the purpose of the monthly teachings & guided meditations. They are continuous activations, that in the moment they are received, begin to dissolve the programming, call you higher, & invite you to see yourself and the world differently.

Image by Mark Olsen

How To Know If
Decolonial Alchemy Is For You

This Is For You If...

You are ready to be an active participant in your unlearning & consciously create the next phase of your life from a more empowered & liberated space.

You deeply trust in the unseen, are an empath, or an intuitive.

You honor the guidance of the spirit realms & know that we are always supported by them on a divine journey, in divine time.

You take responsibility for integrating and embodying the teachings into your life.

You are able to have compassion for self & others in unlearning colonial conditioning & understand mistakes & being triggered are part of the journey &unlearning. This is heart work.

You’re seeking guidance to help activate your inner knowing & sovereignty.

You have the courage to dismantle & confront the colonial paradigm.

You understand that we must not overidentify with colonial pain and labels because they were created to disempower.

You are seeking guidance for living well, whole, and free while decolonizing.

You understand we are not powerless to the colonial system and are not victims.   

You have the courage to unlearn the inner colonizer & divest, and are also tired of being tired, angry, and dysregulated.

You are seeking guidance for honoring your unique spirit, your heart, and soul's path.

You are willing to do the shadow work needed to be free.

You are open to learning in an intuitive way and allow the medicine and messages from Spirit to come as they are presented.

You understand that we must embrace ambiguity and the mystery as part of the process of unlearning, that the need to control & know everything is rooted in the colonial patriarchy.

You seek guidance to consciously slow down and unlearn the colonial sense of urgency and understand that for wellness and liberation, we must make space for surrender, for deep self reflection, for shadow work, for joy, for ease, for rest.

You are experiencing a spiritual awakening and hear your higher self & ancestors calling you.

You are READY and excited, and maybe a little nervous, for this journey and feel CALLED to this journey and me as your guide.


This Is Not For You If...

You are not willing to see and end your collusion with this colonial patriarchal paradigm.

You are not willing to do the shadow work, and project your wounds onto others instead of looking within.

You want to stay hiding, small, and people pleasing.

You are into capitalist girl boss sh#t.

You do not understand our wellness is personal AND collective.

You are not willing to exist in right relation with Mother Earth, teachers, guides, and solely seek to extract (& mimic) from me and my teachings for your financial benefit.

You’re seeking therapy and need deep holding space.

You are seeking a healer or “guru” to tell you what to do.

Image by Jason Leung
Image by Mike van den Bos
IMG_6176 - Rose Mayeda(1).jpg

Rosanne Mayeda


Filipina, wife, mother decolonizing, deconstructing, and rebuilding

"All of this, as Dra. Rocio continues to remind us, takes time to undo, unlearn, and believe the whole truths of ourselves. We commit to show up for each other and ourselves; but we also lovingly and willingly give space to each other. It’s freedom, and we are all getting used to how that really feels in practice and not just in words. As we go through this and as Dra. Rocio has taught and is leading us to, all of this is bigger than ourselves. It will probably mean giving up old ways of thinking, seeing yourself and others differently. Dra. Rocio is a loving, caring, intuitive teacher, person, Seer and guide of all of us. Her honesty, authentic personhood and consistent integrity to act and live as her guides, ancestors and Spirit have led her has been a gift and blessing to us all. I have learned so much through her, and I am excited that others will have the opportunity to continue to do so, too."

Frequently Asked Questions

Begin Your Journey

Doors Close Wednesday, March 15th

As a self-financed Xicana business & as the sole provider of my family, we would so appreciate it if you would pay in full. This makes a significant impact on my business and my family's financial stability as this is our only source of income (we're a family business). Thank you for honoring if you are able beloved.

Full Payment For
9 Months Of Access

Full payment due at checkout

$895 USD

3 Payment PlanFor
9 Months Of Access

1st payment due at checkout
2nd payment on June 1, 2023
3rd payment on September 1, 2023

$298 (per quarter) USD


You are asked to show up in right relation and integrity with me as the guide, and that includes honoring our agreements and payment as energy exchange. You understand that I am not a corporation and that this work is my livelihood and sole source of income for my family and thus paying me is important to receive this offering.


There are no refunds or cancellations.

Please honor this as a sacred agreement. If you decide to stop participating before November 2023, you remain responsible for completing your payments in full. Thank you for being in integrity. If payments are rejected, access to this space will be revoked.

Prices are in USD. This is a 9 month financial commitment. There are no refunds. This is non-transferable. Please make sure that this offering is in alignment at this time.

As a self-financed Xicana business & as the sole provider of my family, we would so appreciate it if you would pay in full. This makes a significant impact on my business and my family's financial stability as this is our only source of income (we're a family business). Thank you to Kelly Diels for this language that reminds us liberation must include us too.

Decolonial Alchemy was birthed with significant time, energy, and financial resources. ​Once you enroll, you commit to completing the program and making all payments as scheduled. Our commitment to you and prep work begins on the day you enroll.

As a small business, we need you to make payments on schedule in order to be provided for as a family and to pay our team members who all have households and families of their own. We appreciate your integrity and understanding. With this in mind, please enroll mindfully. Please check in with your gut, your schedule, and your bank account before enrolling to make sure this is a “definite yes” for you. Thank you Danielle Cohen for this language that encourages embodiment.

Access to this container is for women/femmes of color only. Non-Binary & Gender Fluid, Gender Queer, Gender Non-conforming, & Trans identified people of color that resonate with me and my work are lovingly welcomed and honored!

When you sign up you agree to follow guidelines and codes of conduct and will not share, circulate or reproduce materials or proprietary information from this program.

You also agree to respect the identities, privacy, and confidentiality of other members and will not share screenshots, recordings or information disclosed in our group spaces with other parties. You agree to be a guardian of this sacred space. The highest respect will be understood and given.


You also understand that all materials shared are my intellectual property and to attempt to copy, or take as your own is colonial, & out of right relationship. To protect the space and each other, Members who do not uphold these requirements will have their access revoked. 

You understand that this is an educational and group coaching program and is not therapy nor healing sessions. You also understand that Dr. Rosales Meza is not a licensed psychologist. By purchasing & checking the terms & conditions box at checkout, you are providing your electronic signature & informed consent stating that you or your representative(s) fully release and hold harmless Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza & Decolonial Healing, LLC. from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with your session(s). 

We appreciate your thoughtful and considerate yes and putting action behind your intention to be in sacred reciprocity & right relationship..

Begin Your Journey

© 2018 - 2023 Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza Ph.D.

Decolonial Healing LLC.

Decolonizing Your Mind,

Liberating Your Spirit

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