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What is the white colonial mind? And, why is your unlearning of it necessary to not collude with colonial systems nor perpetuate colonial ways? A live 3 day intensive for anti-racist, spiritual, empathic white folx who know it is necessary to divest from the white colonial capitalist patriarchy, who commit to unlearning white colonial programming, and are dedicated to living in a way that begins the dismantling of the old world & creates the new world that is possible.

An experiential class and sacred circle held over three days for 4 hours each where you will receive teachings and have an opportunity to receive guidance through Q+A. This container is meant to be intimate, & each iteration will be unique depending on the energy of each cohort and the questions that each group brings.



This class will be processed spiritually, emotionally, somatically, and at the level of the unconscious and subconscious psyche. This experience is just as much healing as it is unlearning and divesting. Folx that participate will be changed on a cellular level and will experience a deep transformation that is needed for the self and the greater collective for our collective healing and liberation that starts with being accomplices to BIPOC in the decolonial movement.

The doors to the first cohort of 2022 are now open!


Flexible Payment plans are available until January 31st.


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Unlearning & Healing The White Colonial Mind

What The Decolonial Accomplices Are Saying

"It felt like Dr. Rocio was talking to my soul self. There were energetic transmissions beyond the cognitive words. It was a remembering and illumination of truth on a soul level of why I'm here. Stepping into Dr. Rocio's circle for Unlearning and Divesting from the Colonial Mind I honestly felt calm, the container felt deeply rooted and potent energetically. There was something calling me to Dr. Rocio's work beyond what I can fully comprehend. In reading her online posts, her words would reach tucked away corners of my whiteness and colonial mind I had not yet accessed. It was often surprising and very uncomfortable, yet when she shared this new offering for white folks I knew it was time to step in deeper, not only to unlearn but to begin healing personally and ancestrally.

I have been in a number of powerful learning/unlearning containers around DEI and antiracism work, however most of them were more cognitive teachings. I knew as a highly sensitive, empathic, feeling based being I needed a deeper soul connection to the work in order to really understand and embody the changes needed on a cellular level. To me, this is the essence and potency of Dr. Rocio's work. While I was in this container it felt safe to show up in my full humanity. I left this space understanding the importance of unlearning and divesting from the colonial mind, not just mentally but spiritually, as a white woman, especially as a leader, space holder and healer. This work is imperative! One, so we are not perpetuating more harm and trauma for Black, Brown, Indigenous and Folks of Color within our own healing spaces and lives. Two, so we can systematically deconstruct this oppressive system from the inside out, weeding it out of our own minds and actions. Three, so we can reconnect to our bodies, our souls, our gifts, each other, the planet and all her inhabitants in order to create a more just, harmonious, free world for ALL of us. As Dr. Rocio shared, it's time to embody "Consistent Compassion and Courage." If you feel the stirring in your soul ~ don't hesitate! Heed the call."


Ellinor Grace


Embodiment Guide, Soul Alchemist, Creator

Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza

I am Dra. Rocío Rosales Meza, a Xicana/Mexicana muxer, mother, feminist, womanist, muxerista. I am a Seer, a medicine woman, energy worker, writer, psychospiritual/intuitive coach, decolonial healer. I am here because of my ancestors, Creator, guides, the spirits, the elements, the land. I am here because of the love of my mama, my abuelita, my sisters, my teachers, my mentors, my child, my husband, my family.


I am also a student, always open to learning and unlearning. I honor my teachers on my path as a medicine woman, Pampa Mesayoq Don Alejandro Apaza of the Q'ero Inca Nation, of the Apaza family lineage, Mesa Carrier and medicine woman Marilu Shinn, and Traditional Japanese Reiki Educator, Marika Clymer. My mentor Dr. Jeanett Castellanos and Dr. Joe White and his freedom train.


While I have a Ph.D.  in Counseling Psychology, I have chosen not to pursue licensure as a Psychologist as I am not aligned with the colonial field. It is not the medicine I am meant to carry, my path is that of a medicine woman. I believe in therapy as it is an Indigenous practice afterall, though have intentionally decided to not work in a field that pathologizes folx of color for problems that are deeply rooted in colonial trauma. My work now is to help BIWFOC (Black, Indigenous Women and Femmes of Color) be free from colonial programming rather than having them internalize colonial labels.  


My work is at the intersections of decolonizing, spirituality, and wellness. I walk and work in between the earthly and spiritual realms. I often feel my work is “too decolonial for the spiritual world and too spiritual for the decolonial world.” I live at the intersections to bring in the new that is being asked to be born in this space and time.


I deeply believe in dismantling the colonial capitalist patriarchy and oppressive systems that make us unwell. I know this is the only way we will birth the New Earth to bring in the times of harmony and balance. I also deeply believe that we must do this liberatory healing work in ourselves as we can only extend the energies we embody out into the world. And so it is crucial that we unlearn how we’ve internalized these harmful systems in our body, our psyche, our energy field, in how we live our life.


I also believe that we must heal the colonial pain. AND we must not be defined by it, or the oppressor wins. And so I deeply know that this work must also be spiritual. We must liberate our spirit for true healing and liberation, to reclaim our intuition, we must reconnect to the divine in us and in all beings.  If we can remember that we are a sacred soul, infinitely powerful, a co-creator with the spirit realms, than we would not allow others to keep us in a colonial, spiritual prison. We would see that we are sovereign, that we are a part of all a part of creation, together weaving sacred life through the gifts we were born to give.


The work I am honored to carry is transformational, life changing, liberating. I am so honored to serve as a vessel. I co-create with the sweet, courageous souls that are deeply called to work with me. It is my deep honor to witness them begin to heal themselves, love themselves, and reclaim their sovereignty. This work is not intellectual, it is deeply spiritual. It is beautiful, potent, shadow work and a spiritual remembrance. 

What I bring in my work with folx is my Seeing abilities or psychic medium, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient, channeling/oracle abilities, as well as my clinical doctoral training, psychospiritual/intuitive coaching, and teaching experience as a tenured professor.  I have 20 years of experience conducting cultural, social, and psychological research, 17 years of experience as a healer, and 16 years of experience teaching courses in anti-oppressive work and helping skills. And, I am a born Seer.

I have a Ph.D., and I am a Seer, yes, and also this work is my life, my lived experience. My work is very intuitive, I make space for the way that it is being asked to be shared through me.  My work now is almost the antithesis of who I was as an academic. I trust in Spirit and I let them show me the way. I am multiskilled and yet, what I feel are my unique gifts are my heart, my deep sense of compassion, my visionary leadership, and my ability to tap into the spiritual realms.


If you are here to walk the path of decolonial healing, I deeply believe you were born to do this work to bring in the New Earth. I deeply believe that your ancestors chose you to do this work so that you could heal your lineage and REMEMBER. I deeply believe your ancestors, Great Spirit, and your soul are calling you to step into your higher purpose.


It is my deep honor to walk with you and guide you back to you. My work is to help you unlearn colonial programming so that you can liberate your spirit and reclaim your sovereignty and your wellness, through remembering who you were before colonization, reclaiming your intuition, honoring your soul’s call, and living in harmony with all beings, Mother Earth, and the elements.  Welcome home, beloved, may we heal together and get free.


To access or use this healing, you must be 18 years or older and have the required mental capacity to enter into and abide by this Disclaimer. By using this website, you represent that you are at least 18 years of age, and that you agree to the Disclaimer herein.

We will assume that all individuals choosing to participate in the spiritual meditation will have previously obtained clearance and permission from their applicable personal medical physician or therapist.

You understand that the spiritual meditation is not to be considered medical advice for any reason, and nothing herein is intended to provide or act as a substitute for mental health treatment. You understand and agree that while I have a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, and have been trained and educated to provide counseling, I am not a licensed psychologist, I am a Seer, Healer, Medicine Woman and, this is offer is intended to be a self-help tool only.


If you have any questions please email:

Decolonizing Your Mind,

Liberating Your Spirit

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