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"A new earth is possible. And, to birth it we must unlearn the colonial mind."

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Dra. Rocío Rosales Meza, is a Xicana/Mexicana Indigenous women in diaspora. She is a Seer, initiated medicine woman in the Q’ero Inca lineage, & is a Counseling Psychology Ph.D. She is also an unschooling mama to a 5 year old child who holds supernatural gifts.  


Dra. Rocio walks and works in between the earthly and spiritual realms as a claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. She comes from a long line of healers on both her maternal and paternal lineages and was born with psychic, channeling, and mediumship gifts. Dra. Rocio is able to see beyond this ordinary reality to bring forth the highest timelines and visions into our earthly reality. She is grateful to her teachers, Pampamesayoq Don Alejandro Apaza & Mesa Carrier and Medicine Woman Marilu Shinn for helping her remember.


Dra. Rocio’s work is at the intersections of decolonizing, spirituality, and wellness. While she has 21 years of experience conducting cultural, social, and psychological research, 18 years of experience as a healer, and 16 years of experience teaching courses in anti-oppressive work and helping skills, she believes that it is her spiritual gifts and ability to cultivate compassion and alchemize as her greatest gifts. She is able to hold potent healing space for others as this is a skill in her blood lineage, with her abuelita and her mother as her greatest teachers.


Her work is deeply rooted in Indigenous wisdom, medicine, and worldview and her work has had a global impact to evolve the collective consciousness in understanding the need to decolonize our minds, to reclaim our spiritual sovereignty, and to restore balance to our world. She views decolonization not as a destination, but as a pathway to the New Earth and to remembering our sacred ways. While she does decolonial work, that is only part of her work, she serves as a spiritual guide for all people to recover their whole selves, their spiritual gifts, and to remember that we are all peoples of the Earth.


Dra. Rocio’s work weaves decolonial teachings, Indigenous Earth medicine, somatic work, energy work, and shadow work. She offers group guidance, self-paced teachings, weekend intensives and facilitates healing to all peoples that believe a New Earth is possible and feel called to take up their sacred responsibility to co-create it.

"The collective distance energy healings have been my fountain of life. It is a safe place where I absolutely surrender and know that I will receive the medicine I need. Dr. Rocio is a vessel of pure love and genuine guidance from spirit and ancestors. I love our energetic family. I follow the cleansing steps, set my intentions. I know energetically when the sessions begin, I feel vibrations in my hands, activation in my third eye, I feel cuddled/embraced in pure love. Initially I used to feel tired the next day, a year later and I don't feel tired the next day. There is a cleansing that happens in each session. I have participated in both 1:1 and collective energy sessions. In the 1:1 sessions I sit with the channeled messages that come up. My questions have been answered when I ask. I receive guidance that supports my path to my higher self. I have been able to transmute deep anger, betrayal, grief and low self-esteem. I have been able to identify how my colonized mind was hurting me. The confidence, happiness and peace I have experienced in a year from doing this work is beyond anything I could have imagined. A year ago I was depressed, brokenhearted and lost. My ancestors led me to Dr. Rocio, they listened when I asked that it was time I connect with a woman of color that would understand me and I am grateful I listened to that call. I have invested a year into my healing and it is paying off! I feel liberated and more empowered than ever! That knot on my throat is gone! I am opening new doors, walking the decolonizing earth based medicine path. I am full! Loving myself and piecing together the life I want. I am able to deal with my emotions during times of uncertainty. I have a deeper connection to my ancestors, Mother Earth and great spirit. I am an energy being so I knew my healing needed to be beyond what regular western therapy could offer me. If you are reading this, invest in your healing with Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza. You are worthy of love and healing."

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Ana Isela

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