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Decolonial Healing & Teachings


Decolonize Your Mind Part 1

  • A class for all in spiritual resonance who are seeking to begin the journey of unlearning the ways in which they have been programmed to uphold oppressive systems rooted in the colonial paradigm so that together we can birth the new earth that is possible.

  • If you've been doing anti-racism work for a while, but feel something has been missing. It has, and decolonizing is it. This is not diversity and inclusivity work. This is beyond anti-racism work.



Unlearning Colonial Mentality & Healing From Colonial Servitude

  • A  webinar replay for Black, Indigenous, Womxn & Femmes of color created intentionally to help you unlearn colonial mentality and learn how colonial trauma and colonial servitude has impacted your life.


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How Colonial Programming Impacts Your Boundaries

  • A decolonial lesson to help you learn about boundaries from a decolonial healing perspective, to help you understand why you've been programmed to feel like you shouldn't have any, and why it is crucial to honor your sacred boundaries.


Live Guidance 

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Decolonizing Your Mind,

Liberating Your Spirit

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